Aristar Entertainment Group (AE) not only serves as a production company,  but serves as a sales agent both domestically and to foreign distributors.  We have been building and maintaining solid relationships with studios, mini-major, independent and boutique distributors for years.  We have delivered and/or assisted on with the delivery of over a dozen pictures to date.  As Producers we have seen many potentially strong films fail because of poor business decisions made by the film makers, or by companies who "promised the world" and never delivered.  We know the marketplace and work with other films and producers to find the right home for the film to ensure that not only is the film released to a wide audience, but the film maker is compensated accordingly.  We pride ourselves in knowing the marketplace, and what is commercial viable at the time, and love to work with film makers through the process from concept to delivery.  We are able to not only assist with the negotiation and sale but will work with film makers through the legal/physical elements for a hassle-free process.



AE thrives on synergy.  We are always on the lookout to join or bring in other companies who share the same vision and integrity, to create commercially marketable material and simultaneously reducing the work load on any one individual.  Therefore increasing productivity and the ability for additional growth and the output of content.



We invite both accredited and non accredited financiers to contact us, we have multiple projects in development at any given time.  We also provide financing, contingent on the project, timing, marketability of the material and terms.


We are sometimes available to work outside independently, if you need assistance please don't hesitate to contact us.  We work with Entertainment Partners software and are able to kick out a budget and schedule relatively quick with a fully financed, shooting script.  If AE doesn't have someone ready to go for you, we can absolutely recommend someone, who we work with and feel comfortable with the referral.



AE accepts screenplay submissions, we do ask that you send a medium (500 word) synopsis of the screenplay, any coverage, and a release to AE and any 3rd party affiliates/partners who might be designated to read the screenplay.  Unfortuately, just like you... We get busy.  Do not feel discouraged if we are unresponsive within 4-6 weeks.  After that, shoot us an email and politely ask if we have read the material.